Attaching the pedals to you new bike is the final step to getting out and going for a ride.
Our quick video guide shows you how to attach the pedals correctly.

Step 1: Start with the drive side pedal, which goes under your right foot. It will have a sticker (or be marked) with an R, and screws clockwise into the crank arm. Using your fingers, wind the pedal thread anti-clockwise until you feel it click into place, then wind it in by hand. 

Step 2: Finish tightening with a 15mm spanner. You don't need to force it too hard, it will tighten itself as you ride the bike. 

Step 3: Next, take the left hand pedal, which will also have a sticker (or be marked) with an L. This pedal has a reverse thread, and screws anti-clockwise into the crank arm. Roll the thread clockwise until you feel a click, then tighten anti-clockwise by hand.

Step 4: Finish off with a 15mm spanner, and remember not to overtighten. 

Notes: The pedals shown in the video use a 15mm spanner to tighten. this size may vary on some pedals, while others may also use an allen key inserted through the opposite side of the crank arm.

Disclaimer: Pedal threads which fail due to incorrect fitment are not covered by your warranty. This video is intended as a general guide to help you attach your pedals safely and securely. Wheelies can not be held responsible for any damage or injury caused by incorrectly attached pedals.