The Electric Bike Buying Guide


Although similar in appearance to road bikes, touring bikes are much more focussed on comfort and practicality. Touring by bike means long hours in the saddle, and so touring bikes have a relaxed geometry that is easy-going on the lower back and arms.

Touring bikes often come pre-equipped with mudguards and luggage racks on the rear of the bike, with some also having front luggage racks as well. Where these items aren’t already equipped, the bikes will have the necessary mounting points to retrofit them if required.

To cope with the additional weight touring bike frames are strong (typically made from steel), with wide tyres for added grip and bump absorption. Disc brakes are a popular option on touring bikes for their all-weather capability and powerful performance, which is essential when the bike is loaded up with travelling equipment.

Touring bikes gears mostly use road bike components, with some models using mountain bike parts for reliability. They provide a wide range of gears to cover all variations of terrain without needing to dismount and push the bike.

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